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Kitten Reservation Policy & Process

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October 26, 2021 at 1:41:29 AM

We reserve the right to screen each home our Russian Blue Kittens go to when they leave our nest. We are extremely careful in our selection process. If we feel you are not the best fit, then we will respectfully decline.



Each Kitten deserves a loving home and someone who will take care of them. That is extremely important to us!


How the Process Works


  • You find an Available Kitten on our website that you like.


  • You fill out the Reservation Form on our Kitten's page and include your Phone Number and email address. * Note: If the Kitten is not available, you will not see a Reservation Form on that Kitten's page.


  • We will begin a discussion with you to determine if the Kitten can be shipped to your location, or if you will have to pick your new housemate up in Orlando, FL.


  • Upon determining if your home and family is a suitable fit for our Kitten, we will notify you if you are selected.


  • A Deposit will be required to hold your interest in the Kitten and make him or her unavailable for others to reserve. If for any reason the Kitten becomes "undeliverable" either due to death, missing, or any circumstances that prevents us from delivering you a healthy kitten as promised you will receive a full refund of that deposit the same method you used to pay. Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable.


  • When your kitten is ready to leave the nest, we will take him or her to be vaccinated, they will be dewormed and we will provide a Health Certificate.


  • If you are receiving your kitten from Air Shipping, rates will be calculated at this time with current Air Shipping rates via the airline departing Orlando, FL. If this rate should change from the time we book the flight until the Kitten is finally airborne, we will notify you immediately and expect you to pay the difference prior to shipment. **Air Shipping of Pets also requires certain weather conditions to be met from the airport of departure through to the airport of destination. If the temperature is forecast to be Above 85 degrees F or below 50 degrees F, the shipment must be rescheduled until those conditions are met.


  • Otherwise you may make pickup arrangements for picking up your kitten in person in Orlando, FL. Details will be provided privately via our discussion.


  • You will then be required to pay the remaining balance of the adoption fee and any additional costs including shipping costs which also requires an Air Shipping Certified Pet Carrier of your choice (at your expense). You may elect to ship us a qualified Pet Carrier from a retailer such as Amazon, etc. If you chose to ship a pet carrier, it must arrive in time for the flight, or rescheduling fees may apply.


  • The date your kitten is to be picked up or shipped will be coordinated with you via private discussion.


All Kittens are reserved without breeding rights. You will agree to have the kitten neutered or spayed when they reach the appropriate age at your expense. If you desire breeding rights of our Pure Russian Blue kittens, then we can discuss how to obtain breeding rights separately.



If you have any questions, at any time, please contact us via the method of communication we have agreed upon after you make contact on the website here.



We appreciate your interest!




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